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If you are wondering whether you might be eligible for financial aid, the answer is probably yes.

Paying for a private school education is one of the most significant and important investments you will make in your child's future. 在费伊,我们致力于让所有人都能接受费伊教育 everyone 建立一个由来自不同经济背景的学习者组成的社区.

To this end, for the 2024-25 school year, Fay将为每个年级的合格申请人提供超过400万美元的经济援助. 经济援助奖学金是不需要偿还的助学金. 这些补助金视每个家庭的需要而定, 它们占学费的5%到95%不等. In every case, Fay works closely with each family to ensure that qualified students have access to a Fay education. 


Family Income
(Day Students)
Average Award Average Tuition Paid Average Full Tuition
Above $200,000 $13,888 $19,801 $33,031
$150,000 - $199,999 $18,804 $14,193 $33,433
$100,000 - $149,999 $19,921 $9,584 $29,506
Below $100,000 $31,232 $6,972 $38,205
Family Income (Boarding Students) Average Award Average Tuition Paid Average Full Tuition
Above $200,000 $47,324 $28,917 $78,242
$150,000 - $199,999 $52,612 $23,987 $76,600
$100,000 - $149,999 $64,132 $12,705 $76,837
Below $100,000 $66,637 $11,806 $83,810

Apply for Financial Aid

Step 1: Access the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS),并将填妥的表格直接上载至学生支援处. 申请助学金的截止日期是1月15日. Request that the results be sent to Fay (school code 3130), and request a copy for your own records.

Step 2:直接向SSS上传上一年的税务表格的签名副本, 连同附表和你的W-2表格副本. 家长应分别提交各自的税务资料. Self-employed parents should submit the business tax return as well as the business/farm statement provided by SSS.
Fay's Financial Aid Committee encourages parents to use the "Additional Comments" section at the bottom of the PFS to expand on the information entered on the PFS, 如果这样做,将提供有关家庭经济需要的更完整的信息.

Please note that in the case of divorce or separation, 父母双方的财产都被考虑在内. Both the custodial parent and the non-custodial parent must fill out the PFS and submit tax documentation. When a parent has remarried, 继父母的资产也被视为一种资源,应包括在PFS中. Please note that all information submitted in your application for financial aid is held in the strictest confidence.

请在签署前仔细阅读PFS说明, and note that late forms or omissions in the preparation of the PFS or letter may jeopardize your family’s chance of receiving or renewing an award.

Financial Aid FAQ

List of 14 items.

  • How does financial aid work?

    为了有资格获得学费援助,家庭必须证明有经济需要. Financial aid awards are given in the form of a grant that discounts the tuition to a rate that is within the family’s means. Financial aid funds can assist in the cost of some school expenditures that fall outside the realm of tuition and fees for qualified families. 家庭不需要偿还这些助学金.
  • How is financial need determined?

    School and Student Services (SSS) determines need by using a formula that considers all areas of a family’s financial situation, 包括但不限于父母双方的收入(应税和非应税), number of dependents, 就读收费学校的儿童人数, living expenses, parents’ age, retirement, medical expenses, and debts and unusual expenses. 因为一个家庭的情况可能每年都在变化, 家庭必须每学年重新申请经济援助. Fay is committed to ensuring that enrolled families (who continue to qualify for financial aid) receive aid throughout their years at the School.
  • 助学金从何而来?

    All financial aid grants come directly from Fay School; they do not come from outside sources or foundations (such as the federal Pell Grant that is awarded to college students). Fay School has made a strong commitment to making a Fay education accessible to as many families as possible, and for the 2024-2025 school year, 我们将提供超过400万美元的经济援助. These funds come from a combination of school-year revenue and endowment funds earmarked specially for financial aid.
  • 我是否需要每年重新申请?我下一年是否会获得相同的资助?

    因为一个家庭的情况可能每年都在变化, 家庭必须每学年重新申请经济援助. Fay is committed to ensuring that enrolled families (who continue to qualify for financial aid) receive aid throughout their years at the School. 如果你的财务状况每年都保持不变, 你可以假设你的经济援助补助金将大致相同. When we award grants each year, our returning students take priority; we review their applications first, and then we review new applicants. 

  • What if I haven’t done my taxes yet?

    You should be able to submit the PFS application by January 15 by using your last pay stub through December 31 and your previous year’s tax returns. 如果你申请2024年秋季的助学金, 你应该提交完整的2022年联邦纳税申报表(1040表和W2s表), 或同等学历),然后你应该在2月15日之前提交2023年的纳税申报文件. We understand that this is significantly earlier than the federal tax filing deadline of April 15, but we will provide financial aid information by March 10 and therefore need your documents by that date.
  • 如果我错过了1月15日的申请截止日期怎么办?

    因为我们在1月15日截止日期前收到了很多申请, 如果你申请得晚,获得资助的难度会大得多, 因为资金已经拨付了. On rare occasions, 我们已经能够与家庭合作,在截止日期后安排经济援助, but we strongly encourage all families to observe the deadline in order to have the strongest possible application.
  • 学费有哪些支付方式?

    您的第一笔付款是您的注册押金, which is 10% of the tuition due, 减去你获得的任何经济资助. 这笔押金在您向学校提交入学合同时支付, 押金会记入你的第一笔学费账单. Then parents have three options to pay their tuition balance: to pay the tuition in full upon enrollment, 在开学前分两期付款, 或者按10个月分期付款.
  • How are financial aid applications handled for families with divorced or separated parents or parents who have never been married?

    在离婚或分居的情况下, 或者父母没有结婚,但都参与了学生的生活, 父母双方的财产都被考虑在内. 托管和非托管父母都必须提交PFS和税务文件. When a parent has remarried, the assets of the stepparent are also considered as a resource and should be included on the relevant PFS. This is required regardless of the terms of a divorce decree or settlement; whether or not a parent intends or is legally required to contribute, 披露他们的财务信息是必要的.
  • 如果我们获得了奖励,我们什么时候会收到通知?

    Families who complete the admission application and financial aid application by January 15 will receive their admission and financial aid notification by March 10.
  • 我的经济援助申请是否保密?

  • 国际学生可以获得经济援助吗?

    是的,国际学生可以获得有限的经济援助. 没有在美国报税的家庭应填写 国际学生经济援助简介 并尽其所能完成PFS表格.
  • 如果我们今年没有获得助学金,我们明年可以申请吗?

    Returning Fay families who did not receive financial aid in the past may apply for financial aid for a subsequent year, 遵循所有申请程序和截止日期. 然而,可用于资助这些情况的预算有限. It is the School’s expectation that families who begin paying the full tuition will continue to do so unless circumstances have significantly changed.
  • 没有工作的父母如何申请经济资助?

    The financial aid committee may impute an income for a non-working parent when reviewing the financial aid application if there are no children under school age in the home. This policy does not require the parent to work but attempts to adjust the level of need by accounting for the minimum income that a parent could earn if he or she chose to work. Families are welcome to provide additional information about the circumstances of the non-working parent in the “Additional Comments” section of the PFS.
  • 我们可以对助学金提出上诉吗?

    在检讨他们的拨款后, families who believe they are unable to afford the tuition due may request a second review of their financial aid application. Families should first review their PFS form to ensure that all information was entered correctly. 任何错误或更新应以书面形式传达给财政援助主任.

Southborough Scholars Program

We pledge to meet the full demonstrated financial need of any qualified student from Southborough who is accepted to Fay. 

The Waldo B. Fay Scholarship

在2023- 2024学年,Fay将推出Waldo B. 高等教育专业人员子女费伊奖学金. The Waldo B. Fay Scholarship is a $20,000 scholarship that is available to any student who is accepted to Fay’s seven-day boarding program in grades 7, 8, and 9, 父母一方受雇于美国认可的学院或大学.  Click here for more information.


Contact Amanda Miles, 费伊大学招生副主任兼财政援助主任, 电话:508-490-8202或amiles@yamamotogolfbu.com.


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